Types of Land Survey Equipment 


There are numerous types of survey tools that land survey experts use to perform various kinds of surveys based on the client's requirements. Surveying instruments have come a long way since the very first surveys were done in early civilisation. Technology has made the work of land surveying easier. It has also availed surveying instruments that could have only been dreamt of before. This gives more options for surveyors. For more info click here

When land surveying is concerned, it is important that you take time to learn about your options so that you can get the best equipment for your needs. You need first to know the type of surveying you will be doing and the degree of work you are doing. Then you have to identify the available tools, so you know what your choices are. Here are some of the commonly used surveying tools:

Laser levels

The laser levels shoot a laser beam that tracks elevation. It is also a valuable tool when it comes to construction surveys. Laser levels are of two types, the single and rotating-beam lasers. The single beam laser offers a more linear approach to land surveys while the rotating-beam laser can be used in open areas to create a wider survey.


This is surveying equipment that is used to calculate the horizontal as well as vertical angles which are attained by triangulating the interpretations. It is a useful tool for land surveying as it can be used even in adverse weather conditions. The surveyors use this device along with the plumb bob to verify the vertical precision.

Global Positioning Equipment

This is probably the best invention for conducting accurate surveys. GPS uses satellites to carry our surveys. The unit makes contact with the satellite which transmits a signal. It does this by measuring the variations in height between two points along with the distance and directions.

The Cable Locator

This is an appliance that is used for identifying the various cables and pipes running underneath the surface of the land being surveyed. The distance reading while the survey is being conducted can be gauged using the chains.

The Planimeter

This is one of the most critical pieces of surveying equipment. The planimeter is used during boundary surveys as it can facilitate in calculating the area of the land. The device can aid in calculating the surface area of the, and being surveyed irrespective of the shape and size of the land. The planimeter is used to map out the asymmetrical perimeter of the land, and from this info, the area is calculated. Learn more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surveying